• Introducing Spartan Self Defence Association - the home of effective and no-nonsense practical techniques for personal safety.

    Just as the Spartans of ancient times honed their skills for battle, we focus on empowering you with efficient and effective methods to protect yourself and your loved ones. We strike the balance between traditional martial art techniques and application in the modern world, drawing on a range of combat styles in order to focus on what works for our students.

  • Karate & Self Defence

  • Fitness & Stamina

  • Practical Application


• FREE TRIAL SESSION - give it a try, you've nothing to lose

• £8 per session - pay only when you train!

• Family discounts available

Drive Your Development and Progression

• Traditional Karate techniques

Practical self defence for all ages and levels

• Boost your confidence and fitness

• Increase your stamina and co-ordination

• Instructors all fully DBS checked

In-house black belt 5th and 3rd Dan instructors; all DBS checked

• Training is primarily Karate based, but incorporates Ju Jitsu, Krav Maga and Spetsnaz techniques

• Specialist training sessions with experts from other martial arts disciplines for specific tuition in defence and weapons training

In-house fitness training & advice from a fully qualified Health and Fitness Coach

• Womens self defence classes

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Our training ensures every technique you learn is grounded in real-world practical application. We offer the essential skills you need to confidently navigate conflict situations, over time building in complexity and technique.

Join us here at Spartan and equip yourself with the tools of self-defence that stand the test of reality.

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