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Karate Suits & Uniforms For Adults

If you're training to be a Karateka, having the right Karate suit is essential to your success. An inferior Karate gi will easily rip and stick to your skin when you get sweaty, while a quality one will survive considerable pulling and sparring without restricting your movements in the slightest. Spartan Blitz has an impressive collection of great value Karate uniforms for sale.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Karate Gi

Cut and Colour

A Karate gi consists of Karate pants and a Karate top and may be cut in one of three distinct styles: Kata, European and Japanese, the latter being the most traditional cut. A traditional Karate gi is usually white and this is the most widely accepted colour; however, black suits are
also common. Both black and white are traditional Karate gi colours and anything outside this spectrum is only used when prescribed by particular clubs and associations.

Weight and Material

When choosing a Karate gi, you will be able to choose from lightweight (6 or 8 ounces), middleweight (10 to 12 ounces) or heavyweight (14 ounces).

Generally, the weight of your suit should increase with your experience level, the heavyweight option usually being used for competitions and kata only. Cotton options are the heaviest and most expensive, and also the most durable.

Cotton/polyester options tend to be lighter and more affordable, though less breathable due to their synthetic nature.

Length and Size

Finally, consider your length and size. If your Karate trousers or sleeves are a bit too long, a simple adjustment will solve the problem quickly and easily.

Find the Best Karate Gi for You

To find the best Karate gi for you, you'll need to consider length, size, experience and
competition level. If you're unsure of what you need, consult your teacher for personalised advice.