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Spartan Karate

Spartan Badges

Spartan Badges

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Introducing our exclusive Spartan Logo Badges, the perfect emblem to proudly adorn your Karate gi as a distinguished member of the Spartan Karate and Self-Defense Association. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, these badges exemplify the strength, discipline, and honor synonymous with Spartan warriors.

For students, the red logo on a white badge signifies your dedication and progress within the association. The bold red hue embodies passion and commitment, making it the ideal choice for those on their journey to mastery.

Instructors, stand out with the prestigious gold badge on a black background, symbolizing your leadership and expertise. The gold emblem reflects the highest level of proficiency and knowledge, distinguishing you as a guiding force within the Spartan community.

Crafted for durability and style, our Spartan Logo Badges are meant to withstand the rigors of training, ensuring that your commitment to the Spartan Karate and Self-Defense Association is showcased with every move. Stitch these badges onto your Karate gi, proudly displaying your affiliation and embodying the spirit of the Spartan warrior. Elevate your martial arts journey with the symbolic power of the Spartan Logo Badge.

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